About Leslie Combemale


Leslie Combemale is an international art consultant, artist representative, and owner of the successful gallery ArtInsights for over 25 years.  She is an international expert in the fields of animation art and traditionally illustrated film art, and represents artists through her firm Combemale Creative.

As curator and co-owner of ArtInsights, which specializes in film art, she has developed collections for film and illustration art aficionados and fine art connoisseurs around the world, notably placing the art of famed cinema artist John Alvin, whose estate she represents through Combemale Creative. She has also acted as art director partnering with artists in a variety of genres to create images for private commissions, gallery editions, and corporate art spaces.  She also writes and conducts interviews for Indiewire’s Animation Scoop and other outlets worldwide as film critic Cinema Siren.

Leslie is finding a new level of fulfillment with Art Outsiders, a project featuring Tennessee Loveless's meaningful work of iconoclastic brilliance.  In building and releasing this collection of portraits, Leslie and Tennessee are shining a light on artists that have expanded the world through their struggle and genius.